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Posted on Apr 30, 2014 in Web Design

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 5.56.37 PM“Night Walk” takes you on an immersive journey through lively Cours Julien, a neighbourhood of Marseille famous for its unique atmosphere and street art. Listening to your guides Julie and Christophe, you can wander around the vibrant streets as if you were really there, thanks to 360-degree panoramas that we captured at night. Your walk is enriched with photos, images, videos, sounds and interesting facts, allowing you to dive into this neighbourhood and learn more about its diverse culture and history. Enjoy your night walk!

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Promenades Sonores is a series of audio walks in and around Marseille created by Julie, Radio Grenouille and 30 different authors, including artists, local shopkeepers, and documentary makers. The aim of these walks is to open up the city so residents and visitors can explore pathways full of new hotspots, sounds and knowledge. “Night Walk” has been adapted from Promenade Sonore #16, “Le Souffleur” by Christophe Perruchi.

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