Gearcidy Productions is your start to finish production company. We are geared towards budget minded commercials, corporate & independent films, with our small, yet multi-talented crew we work on your project from the very beginning up until the finished product is in your hands. This allows for a more personal experience that bigger production offices cannot offer. We put passion and creativity into each and every project.

We are committed to excellence. With client input, we ensure everything we do is planned for maximum impact and results. We produce videos, events and collateral that engage people: Your messaging is delivered!

We visit with you about your video goals, do the research, and create a script that meets your company’s exact needs. Our wide-ranging copywriting history is a core element in making our videos extremely effective.

Gearcidy gives you talented, seasoned production professionals, matched to each specific job’s needs. Our skills elicit the best performances from professional actors, “real folks” and busy corporate executives. And, our expert planning and organization takes the burden off you, our client.

Post Production
Does your project require post production with incredible motion graphics or breathtaking 3D animation? Or, do you need a simple, cost-conscious edit? Gearcidy matches our resources with your specific needs. You and your budget deserve more than a one-size-fits-all approach.